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You’re the mother of an adorable child (or 2, or 3, or….) and you want gorgeous pictures. Pictures that will make you smile every time you look at them. Pictures that you can hang on your wall and send to your adoring family. Pictures that you can proudly show off to everyone you meet. (Okay, not everyone.)


You want a patient photographer, someone who will get your child to smile, and just get them.

Hi, I’m Idy.

I’m a:

- Mother of 4 cuties (who’ve tolerated way too many photoshoots)

- Pro at Israeli sponga, haggling with taxi drivers, and speaking “Hebrish” (So now I know a few languages: English, Yiddish, Yinglish,  and even some Hebrew.)

- Hopeless perfectionist. I’ll go over the pictures umpteen times, and then just once more, before I finally deem them print-worthy.

My Story:

I’ve always looked at life through a camera lens. I was that girl snapping pictures wherever I went. My camera and I pretty much came together. My (unofficial) motto is: “If you don’t have a picture of it, it didn’t happen.”(Okay, not really. But still…)

If I wasn’t with a camera, I was playing with children. I noticed kids, and appreciated their cuteness, wherever I went.

I was a nursery counselor for a few summers and taught second grade for a few years before I got married. I really loved it.

I enjoy children, enjoy joking with them and making them smile.


It was a no-brainer to combine my two passions and become a children’s photographer.

I started my training while living in Eretz Yisrael, and haven’t stopped learning since. I love what I do, and thrill in learning new techniques and thinking of new ideas.

My favorite part?

Snapping that picture that makes the mother say “Wow! You really captured my child.”

And Baruch Hashem, I’ve gotten that many times over the 7+ years I’ve been taking pictures.


So, there you go.

Idy Friedman in less than 500 words.

Perfectionist photographer who loves kids and excels at capturing their cuteness. I can’t wait to get to know your kids (and you!).

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