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5 Steps To Picture Bliss




Once you book your session, we set up a phone/email consultation.

We plan all the details of your photoshoot, like the:

-clothing your kids will wear (and headbands! And socks! And…)

-ideas and styles you prefer

-backdrops we’ll use

Now’s also your time to tell me if you have anything specific in mind.


All you need to do now is relax. You'll have as much time as you need, so you’re not pressured for time.

I stay calm and work with your kids until we get those perfect shots.

In a word, stress-free. (Okay, two words.)



Approximately a week after your session, you’ll get your password to login and see your unedited pictures.

Now the real fun begins! Start narrowing down your choices…

Yes, yes, I know it's hard ;)



We have a phone call or in-person meeting to finalize which pictures you want and what kind of prints.

Order that collage to send to your adoring family, or that stunning wall-art for your home.



Get your edited pictures.

Send them to your doting parents and grandparents, hang them on your walls, and enjoy the nachas!

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